Media Faculty

The Media Faculty building concentrates the entire faculty with lecture halls, laboratories and studios, all equipped with the latest technology, and offices.

Internship office

The Internship Office is responsible for all questions regarding the internship semester. The head of the Internship Office is Prof. Dr. Frank Habann. For formal questions, for example about the registration of the internship semester, the secretariat of the respective study program is available.

General information on the educational goals of the internship semester as well as all central documents and forms (internship contract, notes on the internship report, etc.) can be found in the information material section of the Internship Office. If you are unsure whether your internship meets at least one of the objectives, contact Prof. Habann.

What do I need to know before starting the internship?

  • IMPORTANT: Only hand in a copy of the internship contract to the responsible secretariat (not to Prof. Habann) or send it by e-mail (do not forget your matriculation number!).  That is all you need to do at the beginning.
  • Some companies require a confirmation that the internship semester is a mandatory internship. This confirmation is issued by the responsible secretariat.
  • The internship does not have to correspond 1:1 to the semester time. It is advisable, however, that it ends at the beginning of the next lecture period, so that you still have enough time for the report. If this is not feasible in an internship, please contact Prof. Habann.

What has to be considered after the internship?

  • After the internship, the internship report must be uploaded to MI-Practix quickly after the next lecture start. The deadline for Media faculty internship reports from the 2023 summer semester is four weeks after the start of classes in WiSe 23/24, which is 01.11. 2023 at 24:00 h. Other deadlines for this at the university have no validity for the faculty Media. If blocked by the company, report only by email OR printed in the Post Office Box to Prof. Habann.
  • This deadline also applies to the submission of the internship report (copy) to the responsible secretariat. If the company is unable to produce the certificate by the deadline, a simple internship confirmation (stating the period of time) must be submitted for the time being. The certificate can then be submitted later.