Media Faculty

The Media Faculty building concentrates the entire faculty with lecture halls, laboratories and studios, all equipped with the latest technology, and offices.

Animation studio

Tasks and objectives

Production of animated films, commercials and visualization (classical animation, computer animation), visual effects (compositing, post production), computer games (motion capturing), experimental short films, audiovisual performances and visual music.

Head of laboratory

Prof. Götz Gruner/ Prof. Sabine Hirtes

Laboratory assistant

B.Sc. Christian Müller

B.Sc. Sebastian Natto

Laboratory website

Animation Studio of the faculty M+I


Classic animation

Studio hall with 4 work stations, animation tables for 3D sets, 4 digital photo cameras Nikon D70, 4 video cameras Canon XL1-S with heavyweight animation tripod, 4 Apple Mac G5 with displays, video monitors and external FireWire harddrives, 4 big Kobold surface luminaire for lighting without shadows, 4 Dedo lights, Mini-Flo lights, Desisti fresnel lenses, steel stands, grip, luminating table, wide angle lenses, model making workshop

Computer animation

 6 dual core PCs with 24" flatscreens, 1 A3 graphic tablets, A3 scanner , 1 stereoscopic Flatscreen, additional 15 workstations in another room


 X-IST system with suit and mobile PC / display, access to the ressources of the laboratories for  audio and video production (e.g. AVID DS)


20 x  Autodesk Entertainment Suite (Maya, Max, Softimage, MotionBuilder, Mudbox) 4x Cinema 4D (PC), 5 x Real Flow, 3 x Toom-Boom Animate Pro, 5 x Nuke, 20 x Adobe Video Collection (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop), FinalCut Pro,  18x Cinema 4D (MAC) in the laboratory for media integration

Laufende Projekte 

Basic studies laboratory groups create short animation clips, studio groups in the main studies create animation films, visual effects for non-animated films, computer games etc.
Student research projects, project works, theses; Tutorials, workshops with specialists

 Angebotene Arbeiten

Free choice of subject and technique, start of work after an individual discussion of the project and creation of a storyboard